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List of UniMAP Secretaries

No. Email Address Owners Email Account
1 pa_nc@unimap.edu.my Secretary of the Vice Chancellor
2 pa_nc2@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Deputy Registrar Office of the Vice -Chancellor
3 pa_uad@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Internal Audit Unit (UAD)
4 pa_cia@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of the Center of International Affairs (Centre of International Affairs-CIA)
5 pa_pislam@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of the Islamic Center UniMAP
6 pa_pku@unimap.edu.my Secretary of the Central Board of Health (PKU)
7 pa_iksk@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies , Leadership and Community
8 pa_ukr@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Culture and Recreation Unit (UKR)
9 pa_mprof@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Council Chairman Professor UniMAP
10 pa_airu@unimap.edu.my Secretary of the Academic Reputation and Industry Unit (AIRU)
11 pa_tncaa@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Deputy Vice-Chancellor ( Academic and International )
12 pa_bpa@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Academic Management Division (BPA), TNC Office (A&A)
13 pa_diploma@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of Diploma Program Coordination Unit
14 pa_lead@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Leadership Education for Sustainable Development Center (LEAD)
15 pa_imk@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of Institute of Engineering Mathematics(IMK)
16 pa_unika@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Qualifications and Accreditation Unit (UNIKA)
17 pa_cil@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Centre for International Languages-CIL
18 pa_pps@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of Graduate School (PPS)
19 pa_agro@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Sustainable Agro-technology institute (INSAT)
20 pa_tncpi@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Deputy Vice-Chancellor  (Research and Innovation)
21 pa_pppi@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of Centre for Research and Innovation(PPPI)
22 pa_ecip@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of Centre of Entrepreneurship Development, Commercialization and Intellectual Property Management (E-CIP)
23 pa_inee@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Nano Electronic Engineering Institute (INEE)
24 pa_ukkp@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Occupational Health and Safety Unit (UKKP)
25 pa_penerbit@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Publishing Center UniMAP
26 pa_tnchepa@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni)
27 pa_dkhepa@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of Department of Student Affairs and Alumni (HEPA)
28 pa_sukan@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of  Sports Center UniMAP
29 pa_pendaftar@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Registrar
30 pa_bendahari@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Bursary
31 pa_library@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Chief Librarian
32 pa_pnckk@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Assistant Vice Chancellor (Corporate Communications)
33 pa_media@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Media Unit
34 pa_puspek@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Assistant Vice Chancellor (Corporate Development and Quality Management)
35 pa_ppkme@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of the School of Microelectronic Engineering
36 pa_ppkkp@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering
37 pa_ppkse@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of the School of Electrical Systems Engineering
38 pa_ppkb@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of the School of Materials Engineering
39 pa_ppkmt@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of the School of Mechatronic Engineering
40 pa_ppkp@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of the School of Manufacturing Engineering
41 pa_ppkbio@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of the School of Bioprocess Engineering
42 pa_ppkas@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of the School of Environmental Engineering
43 pa_ppipt@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of the School of Business Innovation and Technopreneurs (PPIPT)
44 pa_ikom@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of the School of Human Development and Technocommunication (iKOM)
45 pa_kok@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Curriculum Centre
46 pa_fetech@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Technology
47 pa_u3p@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Student Housing and Accommodation Unit (U3P)
48 pa_dev@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Development Department
49 pa_safety@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Security Department
50 pa_ict@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Information & Communication Technology Centre (ICT)
51 pa_pkirm@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of the Centre of Institutional Research Raja Malaysia (PKIRM)
52 pa_motech@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Motorsports Technology Research Unit (MoTECH)
53 dir_cic@unimap.edu.my Secretary of Director of Centre for Industrial and Government Agencies Collaboration (CIGC)
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